Walker Bag


Safely and securely keep daily essentials close at hand with the Vive walker bag. Adjusting to attach to all walker sizes and styles, the walker bag has a large zippered compartment to store medical supplies, a change of clothes, electronics and other items. Three easy access pockets line the front of the durable, yet lightweight walker bag.


  • Fits All Walker Styles
    Adjustable loop fasteners allow the Vive walker bag to easily attach to the front of any walker style and width, including bariatric walkers, standard walkers and dual-point folding walkers. 

  • Hands Free Grab And Go Bag
    Easily keep essentials at hand with the large inner compartment with a secure zippered closure. The sturdy nylon bag can hold a purse, a change of clothes, or necessary medical supplies. Three convenient outer pockets provide easy access to everyday items such as drinks and snacks, glasses, electronic devices and more.

  • Securely Attaches With Strong Fastener Loops
    Heavy duty fastening material securely holds the walker bag in place. Seven individual loops are reinforced for a durable accessory bag that easily attaches to any walker. 

  • Lightweight Water-Resistant And Machine Washable
    Constructed with a durable, lightweight material, the versatile walker bag is water-resistant to keep contents safe and dry. The durable nylon material is machine washable for added convenience. For best results, machine wash in cold water and allow bag to air dry.

  • Please Note
    Folding walker is not included


  • What’s Included:
      • 1 Walker Bag with a Large zippered water-resistant compartment and Three mesh exterior pockets
      • 60-day guarantee
    • Uses:
      • Provides a convenient option for carrying items.
      • Use with any walker style.
      • It has Reinforced adjustable loop straps
    • Material: 
      • Waterproof Nylon.
      • Strong fastener loops
    • Dimensions: 16.5 x 9 x 2.5 in
    • Color: Choose between a huge variety of textures:
      • Black
      • Grey
      • Green Paisley
      • Purple Floral
      • Americana
      • Leopard
      • Faith
      • Blue Camo
      • Pink Floral
      • Geometric leaf
      • Safari
      • Watercolor Palm
      • Royal Palm
      • Chevron
      • Tye Dye
    • Care Instructions:Machine wash on cold, Air dry


    • Easy-Grab Pockets
    • Universal Fit
    • Zipper Storage
    • Water Resistant


  • How does it attach to the walker?
  • The walker bag has seven adjustable loop straps. The top three straps are secured to the top rail of the walker with the four side straps secured around the front walker legs.

  • Can I use this with a folding walker?
  • Yes! The walker bag can easily be secured to a folding walker without hindering its folding capabilities.

  • Will it hold a bottle of water?
  • Yes, the interior compartment is large enough to hold a bottle of water.

  • Is the bag flexible or stiff?
  • The material is flexible, allowing you to carry nonrigid items, such as clothing or purse.

  • Can I attach it to the inside of my walker?
  • Yes, the adjustable loop straps will allow you to attach them to the inside of the walker so the pockets are facing you.

  • Will my 10” tablet fit?
  • Yes, the walker bag is large enough to hold most tablets and notebooks.

  • What are the dimensions of the pouch?
  • The walker bag is 16.5” x 9” by 2.5”.

  • Can the bag stay on my walker when folded?
  • Yes! The bag attaches to the front legs and top bar only, allowing the side legs to easily fold for transport or storage.

  • Will it fit on a bariatric walker?
  • Yes, the fastener loops are adjustable to easily install on a bariatric walker.

  • Is the walker bag large enough for my portable oxygen tank?
  • Small tank sizes may be carried in the walker pouch, however, the weight of the tank may cause the walker to be imbalanced.

  • Can this be used with a walker with a seat?
  • Yes, the loop fasteners are adjustable to fit on any walker style.

  • Does the inside compartment have pockets or dividers?
  • No, the interior compartment does not have pockets or dividers. The bag does feature three mesh pockets on the exterior.

  • Will this also fit on a rollator?
  • Yes, the walker bag can be attached to some rollator though it may not hang straight down, blocking your view. Check here for our rollator bag which is designed to work with all rollator styles.

  • What kind of material is made of?
  • The walker bag is made with water-resistant nylon.

  • Is the bag secure or does it flap as you walk?
  • Yes, the bag is secured by seven fastening loops including two on each side, to prevent it from swinging and flapping as you walk.