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Get a Quote for Your Used Oxygen Concentrator

Hello, and thank you for offering to sell us your Oxygen Concentrator! Please fill out all forms below, and we will start the process on our end! After we email you the prepaid shipping label, you will be required to properly package your machine, and deliver it to your closest FedEx location, and they will bring it to us! Once we inspect your machine, we will mail you a check within 5 business days.

Depending on your location, we have transport trucks and trailers ready to pickup from some states. We can also pick up your equipment via Freight Truck if it is palletized. We pay cash for your equipment, and we are happy to offer the option for you to trade in your equipment as credit towards our repair services if you wish.
Oxygen Concentrator Offers:
Invacare 5LX $35 each
Invacare Platinum 5LPM $40 each
Invacare Platinum 10LPM $150 each
Invacare Perfecto 5LPM $45 each
Invacare Homefill Compressor $75 each
Broken Homefill Tanks $10 each
Airsep Elite 5LPM and 6LPM $40 each
Airsep Intensity 8LPM $85 each
Airsep Intensity 10LPM $175 each
DeVilbiss 525 5LPM $50 each
DeVilbiss 1025 10LPM $150 each
Respironics Millennium 5LPM $30 each
Respironics Millennium 10LPM $150 each
Respironics EverFlo $50 each
Do you have something not listed here? Contact us through this form....we may be interested!