Ultra Soft Oxygen Nasal Cannula with 14 foot Hose


Ultra soft "Vanish" Nasal cannula by Captive Technologies

Vanish - The cannula so soft, there is nothing like it....except maybe nothing at all!
Until now, irritated ears and nostrils seemed to go hand in hand with using a nasal cannula. No more!
Vanish Nasal Cannulas are made of super soft, skin friendly Silimer tubes that mimic silicone for maximum comfort and pliability around the sensitive face and ears. These Vanish cannulas include a 14-foot multi channel oxygen supply tube.

The curved face plate Vanish Nasal Cannulas align naturally with facial contours for a comfortable fit while the gently curved nasal prongs fit easily into the nostrils without over extending. The cannulas over-the-ear design, with sliding bolo loop, provides a comfortable and secure fit.

The Vanish Cannula's multi-channel oxygen supply tube is crush and kink-resistant with a standard connector for easy attachment to standard oxygen tubing.