Remote Controlled Flow Meter and Humidifier Bottle


Tidy Tubing is greatwhen you're seeking an inexpensive solution to O2 hose-management headaches.

  • Quiet, odorless smooth-bore O2 tubing
  • Kink-free and self-retracting
  • Three convenient lengths
  • Swivel female connector (A) included to connect to oxygen barb
  • Swivel male connector (B) included for easy cannula connection
  • Clothing/gown clip (C) eliminates strain
  • Long service life - annual replacement recommended
  • Disposable nasal cannula with two-foot supply hose included (D, right)

The 5 foot tubing is only 5" when coiled. The 10 foot tubing is 10" when coiled. The 15 foot tubing is only 15" when coiled.