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Reconditioned Invacare Perfecto2 5 LPM Oxygen Facial Machine


This reconditioned Invacare Perfecto 2, 5 LPM Oxygen Concentrator is an excellent choice when searching for a small, lightweight ( 43 lbs.) energy efficient unit. The Perfecto 2, has an adjustable flow range from .5 to 5 lpm, is very quiet ( 43 db ) and is extremely reliable.

This unit comes with a one year warranty option which covers parts and labor.

This concentrator is also compatible to use the add on Homefill 2 oxygen tank filling system if you so choose to fill your own oxygen tanks. The only maintenance for this unit is annual filter replacements. Additional filter kits can be purchased from us.


Specification of the Invacare PerfectO2 Oxygen Concentrator

  • Input Voltage: 120 VAC +/- 10%
  • Input Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Average Power Consumption: 280 watts
  • Average Power Consumption: 275 watts at low flow settings
  • Oxygen Concentration (at 5 LPM)*: 93% (+/- 3%)
  • Liter Flow: 0.5 - 5 liters per minute
  • Weight: 45 lbs. (14 kg)
  • Sound Level: 39 dBA typical
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 23 in. (584 mm) H x 13 in. (330 mm) W x11.5 in (292 mm) D
  • SenseO2 (Oxygen Percentage Indicator) Alarm Levels: Low Oxygen: 82%
  • Very Low Oxygen: 70%
  • Operating Temperature: 55°F to 90°F (12°C to 32°C)
  • Storage / Transport Humidity: -30°F to 160°F (-34°C to 71°C) up to 95% relative humidity
  • Operating Humidity: up to 95% relative humidity
  • Outlet Pressure: 5.5 PSI
  • Operating Altitude: 0 to 7500 ft (0 to 2286 m)

OxygenPlus Medical Systems has been an industry leader in providing Both NEW and fully RECONDITIONED HOME AND PORTABLE OXYGEN CONCENTRATORS for over 25 years.


How does an oxygen concentrator work?
An Oxygen Concentrator is an electrical piece of equipment. You plug it in to the wall outlet of your home. Make sure it has at least 6 inches of room all around it to allow ample air flow. When you turn the machine on, it will bring in air from the room around it. First, the air passes through a couple of filters to clean the air before it enters the compressor. Once inside, the compressor will pump the air into a pair of Sieve Beds. Once the Sieve Beds are pressurized, the material inside called Zeolite will cling on to the Nitrogen, and pass on the Oxygen and other trace gasses to the patient. Every ten to twelve seconds, the internal Valves will switch the air from one Sieve Bed to the other. This produces a rhythmic "breathing" sound from your Oxygen Concentrator, and is normal. During the breathing of your Oxygen Concentrator, the Nitrogen that was in the Sieve Bed is released back in to the rooms atmosphere. Oxygen Concentrators are designed to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week if needed.

What percentage of oxygen does an Oxygen Concentrator deliver?
Oxygen Concentrators are designed to reliably deliver 90% oxygen +/- 3% at any flow rate. This purity has been tested to be clinically acceptable for long-term oxygen therapy.

How often should I clean filters and other accessories?
If equipped, the foam Cabinet Filter on your Oxygen Concentrator should be rinsed in your sink every week. Let it air dry before placing back in the Oxygen Concentrator. The bubble humidifier should be washed daily using a mild detergent and hot water. Tubing, Cannulas, etc are not to be cleaned. Simply dispose of and replace as needed.

What length of Oxygen Tubing can I use with my Oxygen Concentrator?
The maximum recommendation is not to exceed a Bubble Humidifier, a 50 foot long extension hose, and a 7 foot long Nasal Cannula

How can I transport an Oxygen Concentrator in the car?
The optimum way to transport an Oxygen Concentrator is to buckle it in to the back seat, or place it on the rear floor of your vehicle. If necessary, you can safely lay it on it's back in the trunk if it is securely held in place.

Can I use my Oxygen Concentrator overseas?
The Oxygen Concentrators listed on this site are made specifically for US Voltage requirements, which is 110 Volts and 60Hz

What is Turn Down technology?
This Oxygen Concentrator incorporates Turn Down technology. The internal Circuit Board constantly monitors the flow rate and will slow down the compressor at lower Flow Rates. As a result the unit runs cooler and less power is consumed. In turn, you will have a lower power bill, and the Oxygen Concentrator should run longer.

How can I tell if the oxygen purity is good?
If equipped with a Low Purity Sensor, as long as the Green LED light is illuminated, you know that the Oxygen Concentrator is making at least 85% purity Oxygen. If for any reason the Purity falls below therapeutic levels, the Yellow LED light will illuminate. Contact your provider if you notice this.

Benefits of Oxygen Facials

WHAT IS AN OXYGEN FACIAL? An oxygen facial is a procedure typically done by an aesthetician in a spa. It is a “nonmedical” procedure since nothing is injected into the body and no chemicals are used. While not backed by science, it is widely believed that skin cells that are treated by an Oxygen Facial will look fresh and rejuvenated. More bright and healthy! Oxygen facials deliver 98% pure oxygen infused with nutrients and antioxidants to the outside of the skin through a jet-spraying process.

HOW DOES IT WORK? An Oxygen Facial is done in a spa setting by an aesthetician. Usually it will start with a thorough cleansing and exfoliation of your skin. This will remove old dead skin, and allow the fresh skin and pores to accept the full oxygen therapy. The aesthetician will then use a metal applicator sprayer to use high purity oxygen, sometimes mixed with a liquid moisturizer, or maybe hyaluronic acid used to plump the skin, to spray on your skin. The procedure typically takes between 30 and 60 minutes to complete. Some spas may offer a premium package that can last up to 75 minutes for best effect.

COST Cost varies based on your location. Typically the cost will be about $100 on average. Depending on length of treatment and serums included, costs can increase to as much as $500 for a premier package. 

BENEFITS OF OXYGEN FACIALS While Oxygen Facial Therapy is not medically backed, there are many noted benefits of the therapy. Lets talk about it! -[U]Boosts Collagen Production[/U]Collagen is naturally produced in your body and helps with skin strength and elasticity. When your collagen production decreases, wrinkles increase!

  • Hydrated Skin
  • High Purity Oxygen helps infuse the moisturizer or serums into your skin. Once your therapy is completed, your skin will look and feel more hydrated!
  • Reduction of Acne - High purity Oxygen is known to accelerate healing, and it also kills Propionibacterium Acnes bacteria (causes Acne). Oxygen Facials will calm down Acne issues.
  • Even Skin Tone - Oxygen Facials can be used to help delivery extra vitamins to your skin which will help with its radiance!
  • Reduction in Fine Lines - Oxygen Therapy when used with hyaluronic acid will plump up your skin and give temporary relief from fine lines and wrinkles, a natural and healthy way!


There are some potential side effects with an Oxygen Facial. They are temporary, and not serious. They generally subside within a few hours.

  • Temporary Skin Redness - This may be a side effect of any serum used
  • Puffiness- This may be caused by the force of the oxygen application
While Oxygen Facials used to be much more expensive and considered a luxury item for the rich and famous, they are much more affordable now. Why not find a local spa, and give it a shot! What better way to treat mind and body to some self care, than with a high purity Oxygen Facial!