New Oxygen Mask with 7 foot Oxygen Hose - Case of 50


Medium Concentration Oxygen masks deliver 6-10 liters per minute with an oxygen concentration up to 50%. All masks include 7’ three channel oxygen tubing. Additional clear or semi-transparent green supply tubing is available in seven lengths. 

  • Flow rate of 1-10 liters per minute
  • Delivers an oxygen concentration of 40% to 50% based on breathing rate and tidal volume
  • Soft, pliable mask fits comfortably on patient
  • Includes elastic head strap for best fit
  • Transparent PVC mask enables clear visualization of patient
  • O2 Inlet designed to direct oxygen into the nostrils rather than up toward eyes
  • All sizes include 7' three channel oxygen tubing
  • Pliable nose clip helps keep mask in place
  • Swivel connector enables patient rotation and movement without discomfort