Homefill Cylinder Adapter...Fill any CGA540 or CGA870 Tank

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Homefill Machine Special Filling Transfill Adaptor

-Filling your own home produced oxygen into standard oxygen tanks

- Can fill CGA540 Male threaded Oxygen Tanks and/or CGA870 Pin Indexed Yoke Style Oxygen Tanks

-Good for filling medical grade oxygen and welding and brazing grade oxygen.

-3000PSI Oxygen Hose, Pressure Gauge, CGA-540 & CGA-870 Yoke x Special Homefill adaptor

36" Oxygen transfill assembly allows you to fill you own oxygen H tanks (CGA-540 or CGA-870) from your Homefill unit. One end of the device plugs into the port where you would normally plug in your special Homefill oxygen tank and the other end attaches to an H tank (or any CGA-540 tank) and/or small medical Cylinder (CGA-870) with the 36" hose.