Crutch Pads and Hand Grips


Reducing painful pressure and irritation, the Vive crutch pads use a high density, contoured foam to evenly distribute pressure and cushion the underarm area. Easy to install, the soft crutch pads gently stretch to accommodate any standard size crutch, securing with a strong fastener strap. Each pad is covered with a breathable, non slip material to keep you cool and comfortable. The set also includes two padded hand grips that are covered with leather for a secure non slip grip.


  • Essential Crutch Comfort
    A must-have accessory for anyone using crutches, the Vive crutch pads are made with a soft, high-density foam padding that provides exceptional comfort throughout the day. The moisture-wicking, breathable material is washable and will not snag on clothing.

  • Eliminates Painful Pressure And Irritating Chafing
    Latex-free, the foam crutch pads eliminate chafing while also reducing painful pressure on your armpits and hands. The extra-soft, premium foam crutch pads are designed to not irritate the skin. The Vive crutch pads are a great accessory for comfortable and speedy recoveries. 

  • Simple And Easy
    Easily attaches to most standard sized crutches. This includes crutches designed for adult men, women, and youths. Simply stretch the cover material over the rubber crutch pad and secure it with the hook and loop straps. The padded hand grips conveniently wrap around the existing crutch grips and are attached with a strong hook and loop fastener for a secure, non-slip fit.

  • Breathable Contoured Cushioning
    Superior contoured foam retains its shape through extensive use while also providing nonslip cushioning for ultimate comfort. he handgrips feature a textured lining to prevent slipping. The breathable material prevents heat build up, keeping you cool and comfortable. The Vive crutch pads and hand grips are designed to prevent hand fatigue by reducing friction and evenly dispersing pressure. 

  • Vive Guarantee
    60 day unconditional guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.


  • What's Included:
      • Two crutch pads
      • Two hand grips
      • 60 Day Guarantee
    • Uses: Provides additional comfort during crutch use
    • Materials:  High-density foam,  Leather,  Polyester/spandex blend
    • Size:Fits most standard adult and youth crutches
    • Care Instructions:Hand washes with mild detergent. Air dry


  • Do these replace the stock pads or just cover them?
  • These crutch pads and hand grip securely fit over the base stock pad to function as a cushioned cover.

  • Will they work on kids crutches?
  • Yes, the crutch pads fit most standard adult and youth crutches.

  • Will these pads prevent wear spots on my shirts?
  • Yes! The crutch pad covers are made with a breathable blend designed to reduce wear and pilling on clothing materials.

  • Are the crutch pads washable?
  • Yes, the crutch pads can be hand washed with a mild detergent and air dried. Machine washing is not recommended.

  • Do they stay in place?
  • Yes, the crutch pads and hand grips are secured with strong hook and loop fasteners and have a lightly textured surface to prevent them from slipping.

  • Will they relieve sore hands?
  • Yes! The hand grips provide moderate cushioning that relieves pressure and fatigue in the hands and wrists.

  • Can I use them with wooden crutches?
  • Yes, depending on the size and shape of the crutch. The crutch pads fit most standard adult and youth crutches.


    Product Number: CSH1024

    Shipping Weight:4 ounces