Eco Friendly Business: OxygenPlus Concentrators Inc

We care about the Environment!

“Sustainable” means “able to continue.” What does that mean for any industry? It’s simple: Meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.





At OxygenPlus, we care about the environment. We have taken great strides to do all we can to ensure self sustainability, and to lessen our impact on our surroundings. Being environmentally friendly is becoming more and more important. In a time where it seems we have more vehicles on the road than ever, and what seems like most every product we use is not only made with a majority of oil based plastic, but they almost all seem disposable. If it breaks, we just buy another! This creates a huge amount of waste.

Starting in 2017, we have changed how we operate. We now operate 100% off of sunshine. That is right! We are fully solar powered. In the summer months, our 125 solar panel array makes approximately 225 kilowatts of power per day! That is enough to power a little over 500 Oxygen Concentrators per day!

We have also adopted driving Battery-Electric Cars, and using Battery-Electric Forklifts, which are charged off of the solar array at our location. When factoring in emissions produced when manufacturing a car, and then driving the car over its lifetime of around 150,000 miles, a Battery-Electric vehicle will emit less than half of the emissions over a gas or diesel powered equivalent!

Our custom Shipping Boxes are made to stand the test of time! We source all of our boxes locally from a US based company. Our double-walled boxes are made to our strict specifications to protect your equipment, all while also helping to sustain the environment. But how?? Most people think a cardboard box means dead trees, and deforestation. This could not be further from the truth!

Since the early 1950's the United States has actually produced more forestland and timber, than they have harvested! Based off of a recent study, it appears that by the year 2021, for every 1 tree that is harvested, 2 will be planted.

Our boxes are comprised of 40% post-consumer recycled products. This means any paper products that you recycle can be reused in our boxes. The other 60% of the material in our boxes is used solely from virgin wood. This is important, as it means that our boxes can remain recyclable! The current recycle rate of paper and cardboard products is over 90% which is amazing! A good word of advice is to save your Oxygen Concentrator box in case you ever need to ship your machine. If you wish to get rid of it, please recycle it!

In today's economy of one-time use items, it is becoming more and more important that individuals and businesses alike become more environmentally friendly to ensure that we can all enjoy this place that we live, and leave something just as sustainable for future generations!