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Respironics Profile Lite Youth CPAP Mask and HeadGear Size - Small


The Philips Respironics Profile Lite "Youth" nasal gel CPAP mask and headgear was specifically designed for Pediatrics and Adolescents. With sleep apnea becoming more prevalent in pediatrics and young adults, Philips Respironics designed the Profile Lite Youth series to address the small facial features often found in children. This CPAP mask features a softer, lighter gel cushion that can be molded to a patients individual facial features through a boil and fit customization process. By boiling the mask the Profile Lite's Gel filled cushion softens, allowing the patient to customize the fit. The unique forehead pad design can be used with small and medium pads to ensure a proper fit with most CPAP users.

The Profile Lite Gel CPAP mask and headgear for adults has been around for years, and still remains popular today prompting Respironics to develop the Profile Lite "Youth". This mask is excellent for both CPAP and BiPAP therapy and requires very little maintenance. The Respironics Profile Lite "Youth" mask is a petite size that is smaller than the adult petite, and should only be used with adolescent CPAP users.