Easily slip tie shoes on and off again with the magnetic shoe closure. The no-tie solution to flopping bows, frustrating knots and untied laces the magnetic shoe closure is great for the elderly and those with arthritis, limited mobility, back issues and hand tremors. Held with strong magnets, the closure securely snaps in place to comfortably hold shoes in place throughout any activity. Contoured to lay flat along the top of the foot, the low-profile design works with a variety of shoelace thickness and shapes for use with dress shoes, casual shoes or athletic shoes.


  • Easily Put On Shoes
    Eliminate sloppy bows, frustrating knots, shoelaces coming untied and twisting and bending to properly tie shoes with the Vive magnetic shoe closure. Great for those with limited mobility, arthritis, loss of fine motor skills and more, the magnetic shoe closure securely holds shoes closed with strong magnets and includes walking clips to conveniently secure the ends of each shoelace.

  • Use With Any Tie Shoe
    Gently curved to comfortably rest along the top the shoe, the low-profile design features three lacing holes that accommodate a variety of lace shapes and thickness. Suitable for men and women, the versatile shoe closure works with dress, casual and athletic shoes. 

  • Strong Magnetic Closure
    Utilizes two N52 magnets, the closure securely hold shoes together for a comfortable fit and quickly open with upward pressure, allowing you to easily step out of the shoe. Suitable for daily activities, walking, jogging and other sporting events.

  • Durable Design
    Constructed with a latex-free composite material, the magnetic shoe closures are exceptionally durable for safe, everyday use. The no-tie magnetic closure is removable and reusable with multiple pair of shoes.

  • Vive Guarantee
    60 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.


  • What’s Included:

    • Vive Magnetic Shoe Closures- Two pairs

    • Eight shoelace clips

    • 60 day guarantee

  • Uses:For securing tie shoes without twisting and bending to tie laces

  • Dimensions:1.66” x 1.09” x 0.32”

  • Materials:

    • Latex-free composite material

    • N52 magnets

    • Colors:

    • Black

    • Blue

    • Brown

    • Gray

    • Pink

    • Purple

    • White

  • Care Instructions:

    • Wipe the magnetic shoe closures down with a damp cloth as needed.

    • Dry immediately


  • Unisex

  • Universal fit

  • 1 pair packaging

  • Includes 4 plastic pc of shoelace clips to hold the excess length of shoelaces

  • 3 hole design on each side for laces (4mm opening)

    • Fits various thicknesses of shoe laces

  • Magnet Information:

    • 4mm x 4mm x 35mm magnet bar inside plastic for secure

    • N52 magnets

  • Curved design that contours to top curve of shoe

  • Good for:

    • Walking

    • Light jogging / running

    • Physical activity


  • Do I use these with the laces that came with my shoes?

Yes! The magnetic shoe closures are threaded onto the shoe with the existing laces. Excess shoelace lengths can be trimmed or secured to the shoe with the includes shoelace clips.

  • How many no-tie magnetic shoe closures does it include?

Each package includes two sets of magnetic shoe closures and eight shoelace clips.

  • What do I do with the extra shoelace length after threading it through the magnetic?
    After following the steps to ensure a correct fit, the excess shoelace length may be cut off or tuck forward toward your toes.

  • Will they stay fastened if I am jogging?

Yes! The Vive magnetic shoe closures are strong, securely holding throughout daily activities and moderate athletic activity such as jogging.

  • Will the magnetic shoe fasteners fit any shoe size?

Yes! The Vive magnetic shoe closures are designed to work with any adult size shoe.

  • Would the magnetic shoe closures work well for nurses?

Yes! The shoe closures are great for nurses, securely holding tie shoes in place throughout the day.

  • Do the magnets make your shoes feel stiff?

No, the magnetic closures are gently curved to rest naturally along the top of the shoe.

  • Will these work with dress shoes?

Yes! The Vive magnetic shoe closures are suitable for any tie shoe, including dress, casual, athletic shoes as well as some boot styles.

  • Do the magnets easily separate for taking your shoes off?

Yes! To easily take your shoes off, push forward while lifting your heel out of the shoe to separate the magnets.

UPC: 818323023879 (Black); 818323023855 (Blue); 818323023862 (Brown); 818323023879 (Gray); 818323023886 (Pink); x (Purple); 818323023893 (White)

Product Number: LVA1068BLK (Black); LVA1068BLU (Blue); LVA1068BRN (Brown); LVA1068GRY (Gray); LVA1068PNK (Pink); LVA1068PUR (Purple); LVA1068WHT (White)

Shipping Weight: 3.7 ounces (Black); 3.7 ounces (Blue); 3.7 ounces (Brown); 3.7 ounces (Gray); 3.7 ounces (Pink); 3.7 (Purple); 3.7 ounces (White)