Roles of Nurses for Those with Oxygen Concentrators

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Nurses are hard-working and highly-skilled professionals within the medical community that provide direct, hands-on patient care as prescribed by medical providers.  Being able to provide more hands-on care results in an important nurse-patient relationship that may greatly determine the effectiveness of the care provided.  Nurses care for others in the most vulnerable of times, and being able to create a positive impression may prove to leave a huge impact on many lives, which is why this profession is so rewarding.  Nurses work in various settings to carry out orders from medical providers…from school clinics, to the doctor’s office, to providing direct care in patient homes, to the hospital, to the hospice setting, and more!

Oxygen Therapy & the Nurses Role

Nurses are expected to perform various tasks during their career, while continuing to advance their knowledge base and adapt to new practices as they go.  Oxygen therapy is something that many, many patients rely on with progression of their conditions over time.  In the hospital setting, most generally respiratory therapists are the ones that carry out all orders pertaining to oxygen therapy.  However, not all patients have this luxury, so all nurses should have the knowledge and skills of how to carry out oxygen therapy if the need ever arises. 

Use of oxygen concentrators is an example of how a patient condition may be treated if the condition is compromising the amount of oxygen in their blood.  An oxygen concentrator is a medical device that is used to deliver oxygen that is needed in order for the patient to better function on a daily basis.  In order to begin use of a concentrator, a prescription will be needed because they cannot be purchased over the counter at the convenience of a patient.  Oxygen concentrators are powered by plugging them into an electrical outlet or by a battery if the electric was to go out.  The good news is that the air supply will NEVER run out!

Oxygen Concentrator Usage

An oxygen concentrator works by taking in air from the environment, modifying it, compressing it, and then delivering it to the patient as an improved form to provide them with the most optimal amount of oxygen available.  The role of nurses in this process is to monitor the oxygen saturation of the patients, their work of breathing, and ensure that each patient is receiving the correct amount of liters of oxygen per min.  For example, the physician may prescribe a patient to receive 2 liters of oxygen per minute from the concentrator by wearing a nasal cannula.  Therefore, the nurse just needs to make sure the concentrator was correctly set on 2 liters for the best patient results. 

Reconditioned Respironics Millenium 5LPM OCI Oxygen Concentrator.

Nurses also will be attentive to any negative changes in the patient that would possibly require adjustments to their oxygen therapy treatment.  The nurses are the ones that spend the majority of the time with the patient to monitor for changes in their condition.  The physician depends greatly on assessments completed by nurses in order to best direct their care.  Oxygen therapy can be a meticulous treatment, especially if your patient has a condition such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).  COPD is a condition that requires only a certain amount of oxygen…you may not think so, but too much oxygen in someone with COPD can have negative effects and worsen their condition.  This is why nurses have a great knowledge base and can be trusted with no doubts when caring for you during your treatment with oxygen therapy.

Oxygen concentrators may look intimidating and cause patient frustration, which is why nurses will continuously advocate for patients and provide them with ongoing education so that they can maintain their optimal condition.  Promotion of patient health and prevention of future complications is a big deal in today’s medical world and nurses strive to do this on a daily basis with their patients.  Providing oxygen therapy with oxygen concentrators is just one of many ways this is done!  Thank your nurse today for all their hard work and dedication the next chance you get.

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Smallest & Lightest Oxygen Concentrators

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The sad truth of the fact is, there’s no cure for emphysema. The only thing is that, the sufferers of this condition are already living a lot better than they used to before. The reason for which many people are living wonderful lives in spite of having such condition is all because of the advances in technology. Thanks to the smallest oxygen concentrations.

Before, the emphysema patients need to stay in their homes in order to get the oxygen that they needed. This simply meant that it was a difficult thing for them to go anywhere, even with travelling. The good thing is that, it is not anymore the real case, and it’s all because of the effectiveness of the portable smallest oxygen concentrators. People who have such condition could get the oxygen that they needed wherever they go. Thus, if you don’t want to let emphysema stop you from getting the best that life has to offer, and for you to enjoy life as well, you must learn more about what these smallest oxygen concentrators could do for you.

Since the name of this item has already provided almost everything that you need to know, you may still think that its name is purely a marketing strategy. Well, you should know that the size of this device is somehow a remarkable one. It actually weighs not more than 5 pounds, not to mention that it is also a compact one. The oxygen machine is not more than 10 inches high. Since it’s pretty much small and a lot easier to use, the FAA has already approved it to be used during flights. This only means that you use the oxygen concentrator during your trip, and of course, up to your destination.

Apart from its very small size, the concentrator also provides many powerful options. The device could actually function using lithium-ion batteries. If you’re going out during the day, you could surely depend on the batteries to give you hours of operation. You could even run the device using a DC or AC power. It only means that though it is designed for travel, you’ll never have any problem using such machine at your home.

 If you’re thinking about getting your own smallest oxygen concentrator, there’s no need for you to worry. This is for the reason that there are multiple brands out there for you to choose from. Here are the three major brands for you:

Respironics Simplygo (Lightweight & Portable)

Rebuilt Respironics SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator.This concentrator delivers both of the continuous flow and pulse. It is simply user-friendly, lightweight and its compact design makes it a good choice for most of the oxygen users, which includes even the active ones. One of the features of this portable oxygen concentrator is that, it has the durable wheels and high restraint, which makes the device easy to take anywhere.  The capabilities of the oxygen are even unmatched by other concentrator, not to mention that it delivers 2LPM on a flow setting as well as pulse dose output, sending a burst of oxygen to the user everytime they breathe. What’s good about this product is that, it has the Sleep Mode setting, which increases the output during the night time.

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Precision Medical EasyPulse

It is an on-demand oxygen concentrator with pulse delivery system ranging from 1 to 5LPM and only weighs about 6 pounds. It could deliver about 6.4 hours 2LPM of oxygen setting with the external battery. This lightweight and compact unit is also approved by the FAA for the air travel and will surely operate on the overseas voltages. This unit derives with its very own case for portability. The D/C adapter to be plugged into any automobile, boat or motor home. One can also use an external battery in order to double the life of the unit when used together with the internal battery.

Buy the EasyPulse Here

Inova Labs Activox

New Inova Labs Activox Portable Oxygen Concentrator.Inova Labs also come up with their very own portable concentrator that provides the oxygen users a lightweight,hands-free, portable and powerful oxygen solution. Such device weighs about 3.9 pounds, featuring more than 5.5 hours of internal battery runtime. This oxygen concentrator features its own unique Auto Mode that works together in order to transport oxygen corresponding with the oxygen user’s inhalation rate as breathing pattern. This portable oxygen concentrator also provides a gentle form of oxygen delivery that helps in minimizing the painful side effects just like nose bleeds, dry nose and many more.

If you’re thinking about getting your own oxygen concentrator, there will always be one that will suit to your needs. Just make sure that you get the one that will be ideal for your oxygen needs and something that is of course, easy and lightweight for you to bring anywhere else you will go. So, what are you waiting for? Get one now and enjoy the life that you deserve.

Buy the Activox Here

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Top 5 Benefits of Oxygen Concentrators

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How would I know whether I need portable oxygen concentrators or not? This is one of the most basic questions we all have in mind when we encounter the term “Oxygen Concentrators”. Well, the amount of Oxygen we need for our body is measured through its amount present in the blood stream. There is a certain critical Oxygen level determined by scientists and medical health professionals and if your Oxygen level is measured at below this level at rest, you have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Its usual symptoms are coughing, breathlessness, frequent mucus production, fatigue and feeling of tiredness. Oxygen Concentrators promote a healthy and natural active lifestyle.

Often, people need Oxygen concentrators when they exercise, walk, sleep and eat. A few years ago, it was quite difficult to manage time for Oxygen concentrators as they were not portable but with portable ones, one can get required amount of Oxygen without compromising on his/her daily tasks. Here are some of the benefits of portable Oxygen concentrators you need to ensure before finalizing the best one:

1. Prepare Yourself for Longer Exercise Periods – Improving Stamina

Portable Oxygen concentrators are used to increase your body stamina and maintain it at a higher intensity to prepare your body for longer and intense exercise periods. Portable concentrator is particularly useful if you experience difficulty in breathing during exercise.

2. Portable Oxygen Concentrators for Severe COPD Patients

If you have severe COPD, portable Oxygen concentrators will not affect on your independence. Its long batter life facilitates you to go anywhere without any survival worries and enjoy sports, exercise and long walks leading you towards a stable and healthy body.



3. Use it during Sleep

It is scientifically evident that saturation of Oxygen drops off during sleep. It also happens with people having healthy lungs and if you have COPD, you need to use portable Oxygen concentrators urgently to maintain better sleep at night and preventing health complication due to poor or no sleep. Portable Oxygen concentrators will allow you to get necessary Oxygen amount needed for sound sleep.

4. Use Portable Oxygen Concentrators While You Travel

Now you can enjoy your luxurious trips to faraway locations and use portable Oxygen concentrators at the same time. If you’re riding in a car, it can be put just behind the seat of the driver or other passenger’s seat. Most of the vehicles also have chargers or you can buy a portable one to charge the batter of your portable Oxygen concentrator to ensure its activity while travelling.

In case you’re travelling from a train, these portable Oxygen concentrators can be placed in a shoulder bag due to their small size. It can also be recharged if necessary. Average size of a Oxygen concentrator is one foot (Height) and its average weight is measured to be at least 6 pounds. So it won’t be a problem for you to carry a portable one throughout your trip. However, in order to avoid inconvenience, don’t depend upon train electricity rather get a powerful battery or have a spare one for emergency situations.

Don’t worry if you’re travelling on a cruise either. You just have to find potential power source and you won’t be facing any kind of breathing troubles throughout your trip. Most of the cruise or boats have sophisticated power outlets; however, it will be advisable for you to notify ship authorities in advance. When it comes to airplanes, each and every airplane has oxygen concentrators whether you suffer from COPD or not. It is one of the strict FDA regulations for airlines to ensure oxygen concentrators for every passenger. If you’re going to take participate in aerobic activities in your trip, it is essential for you to use a portable Oxygen Concentrators for protection purposes as its activities involve intense heart pumping, organ and muscle fluctuations.

5. It Improves Mental Concentration

Will you be able to fully focus on your work if your brain is not getting its required Oxygen? Can you actually work in a mental fog? Oxygen concentrators increase mental alertness and keep your brain strong along with maintaining other vital body organs. You can use it in your home as well as your office. Freelancers, who like to work in open, can also use portable Oxygen concentrators to reap better rewards for their professional work. Standard Oxygen therapy also affects your mood positively.

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Best Oxygen Concentrators for Traveling

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Do you ever have heard the name of a a disease “Emphysema”? Although there is still no cure available for it even today yet with the help of small oxygen concentrators, people with it are living a lot better life than they would have been.

What was the condition of such patients before portable small oxygen concentrators come in the market? This is the most important question you all will be having in your mind. Before small oxygen concentrators, patients of Emphysema was strictly directed to stay at homes or go to the places where they can get fresh oxygen and air. They were not allowed to roam on streets especially in the metrpolitan cities where there is a lot of air pollution. However, now with these portable small oxygen concentrators, they can travel freely and go anywhere they want to go without facing severe problems. So if you know any Ephysema patient who has lost hope in life, here is your chance to encourage them and give hope to their life. However, it is always requested to check the details of these concentrators so that you may get their maximum benefit without any issue.

If you’re getting worried as to how you will remain safe while traveling if your portable small oxygen concentrator stops working, professional companies always test their brand products before launching them into the market. Here are 3 most reliable small oxygen concentrators you can get today in the market:

1.     Precision Medical Easy Pulse

This is one of the unique and advanced portable oxygen concentrators typically recommended for travelling purpose.


  • Its weight is only 6 pounds, so it is easy to carry in car, train or even bus.
  • Its pulse delivery system is produced on demand. It ranges from 1 to 5LPM. One can direct the company to produce as per their respective requirements. Typically, 2 LPM pulse delivery system has the capability to sustain for around 6 hours if used with the external battery system.
  • It has been officially approved by the FAA as per their weight and compact unit guidelines. The compact unit is responsible for its portability.
  • It’s A/C adapter can be charged with any boat and motor vehicle. It also has an option to adjust an external batter along with its internal battery to almost double its batter life so that one can ease their travelling journey.

2.     Respironics Simplygo

It is one of the best portable Oxygen concentrators one can use while travelling. Its features are as follows:


  • This small portable oxygen concentrator is user-friendly and light weight, especially recommended to older patients
  • Its design is simple and durable. No technical knowledge is required to operate it. Most of the Oxygen users already know the instructions
  • It is meant to deliver continuous flow as well as pulse during its operation
  • Its special feature contains high restraint wheels so tha the device may be taken anywhere where it is required to
  • Having a pulse dose output, advanced flow settings powered by 2 LPM and burst oxygen presence makes it easy to operate during travelling
  • Patients can also activate its sleep mode setting if they need to increase the oxygen consumption in the night time.

3.     Inova Labs Activox


  • Hands free, portable, powerful and reliable
  • It only weighs 3.9 pounds making it suitable people from all age categories
  • It has the internal battery timing of slightly more than 5 hours.
  • It also has an option to adjust an external batter along with its internal battery to almost double its batter life so that one can ease their travelling journey. Its battery is rechargeable with any automobile, boat and motor home.
  • There is a unique AUTO mode available in it if you need to adjust the breathing pattern on default. One can also customize the inhalation rate as per the user requirements so that only required oxygen is transported to the user. This unique feature of this portable small oxygen concentrator allow the oxygen delivery more smooth and gentle, and it also helps to reduce the effects of nose bleeding, dry nose and such other painful side effects.

If you or any of your family members are just thinking not to go on a family vacation or any other place just due to emphysema, they just got a number of solutions in the form of professional and reliable portable small oxygen concentrators which are going to assist them throughout their journey making it smooth and convenient as they originally want to be.

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